Risk Advisory

Risk Advisory

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you Care”
– Damon Richards

Profitability & Asset Turnover

Return optimization can have a huge impact on enhancing shareholder value and remaining competitive in the marketplace.

With organizational competitiveness, sustainability and cost management having higher visibility in the executive suite, profitability management is something that no company can take for granted. Improved business processes, can help many companies significantly improve their profitability.

Businesses that can best optimize profitability on a near real-time basis and regularly assess their effectiveness with specific products, customers and regions will have an advantage that will help improve both their competitiveness and shareholder value.

Businesses now recognize Profitability & Asset Turnover analysis as a key business success factor and BridgeCap helps clients to remain profitable and improve margins and earnings by innovating in the areas of asset productivity, cost control and accounting, and then using the information derived from analysis to refocus business operations.

Particularly, BridgeCap’s Profitability Analysis tool helps clients to achieve the following:

  • Normalize and compare the performance of various business units or product lines
  • Identify success factors for profitability
  • Identify profit/margin opportunities
  • Development of cost management methodology
  • Best understand how to use profitability analysis results to have a business impact
  • Proper allocation of cost and revenue assignments
  • Empowerment of field decision makers to support profitability
  • Appropriate pricing of products to improve or re-establish relationships with customers and increase competitiveness
  • Implement an objective framework for pricing that will help achieve the necessary balance between returns, risk and growth

BridgeCap helps clients to measure how productive their business is and how much revenue is generated from its investment in the assets. We also provide advice on how your business can achieve the highest possible return with better and efficient management of assets on hand.

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