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Business Advisory

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– Damon Richards

Payroll Processing & Statutory Returns

We make Payroll processing simple so you can focus on your core business activities.

Using our payroll processing services can reduce costs, increase productivity, and eliminate worry for your business. This is achieved by eliminating or reducing the time and resources that your employees are devoting to payroll related activities such as distributing cheques, creating tax documents, and filing payroll taxes and other statutory returns. Our solution creates more capacity for your employees to focus their efforts on more productive tasks to grow and streamline your business.

We will handle payroll and related compliance laws and BridgeCap helps clients benefit by:

  • Getting timely advice on related labour and tax laws
  • Ensuring the company and employees are registered with tax and statutory authorities
  • Undertaking payroll duties and compliance
  • Promptly paying employees
  • Easily calculating payroll taxes
  • Accurately completing payroll tax returns
  • Efficiently remitting statutory deductions
  • Timely generating and distributing payslips to employees

In addition to processing your payroll, BridgeCap will also handle the process of preparing Statutory Returns other than income tax.

VAT returns, PAYE, NSSF, NHIF deductions and payments are just some of the monthly and periodical returns that businesses need to make.

As you run payroll, whether it is weekly or monthly you will build up a PAYE, NSSF and NHIF liability. Although you don’t have to pay it immediately it is important to understand what you need to pay and when.

BridgeCap helps clients prepare statutory returns accurately and facilitate timely remittance and submission.

Make your business more efficient. Contact us for reliable payroll processing support.

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