Transaction Advisory

Investment, Project & Business Valuation

Whether you are selling a business or buying one, or just making an investment in another company, it is essential that you have an accurate understanding of the company’s current, and future, value.

Our valuation solution offers an objective assessment of the current and projected value of a business, project or asset and helps clients:

  • Invest in assets that earn a return greater than the minimum acceptable hurdle rate.
  • Find the right kind of capital for their business or project and the right mix of debt and equity to fund their operations.
  • Determine investments that have the potential to return cash to owners of business
  • Undertake those projects which will increase profitability and thus add value by enhancing shareholders’ wealth or project sponsors’ interest.

Projects are the lifeline of a viable business andtheir valuation has become an integral component of any investment and business success. BridgeCap provides clients with an opportunity to clearly define and understand the business value of their project or investment.

BridgeCap Valuation solution is based on a thorough analysis that involves:

  • Identifying key assumptions and dependencies expected to drive future performance
  • Comparison of projected value driver levels
  • Development of a robust financial model
  • Identification of sensitivities (vulnerabilities and upsides) underlying the projections
  • Forecasting free cash flows over an appropriate period and determining terminal cash flows
  • Performing sensitivity analysis addressing key risks identified
  • Calculatingthe risk-adjusted cost of capital
  • Undertaking a valuation of your investment, business or project using relevant valuation methodologies

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