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Investment Appraisal & Feasibility Study

A business should conduct an investment analysis or a feasibility study to determine the viability of their idea before proceeding with the investment or deployment of resources. Determining early that a business idea will not work saves time, money and pain later.

A feasible business venture is one where the business will generate adequate cash flow and profits, withstand the risks it will encounter, remain viable in the long-term and meet the goals of the stakeholders. The venture can be either a sponsored project, a start-up business, the purchase of an existing business, an expansion of current business operations or a new enterprise for an existing business.

If you are looking to start a new business, purchase an existing business, expand business operations, venture into a new market, partner with another enterprise, or evaluate the financial viability of a project, BridgeCap’s investment appraisal and feasibility study will help you tell whether the project is worth the investment. The objective being to ensure it is economically justifiable.

BridgeCap endeavours to provide you with an analysis of the viability of your business idea or project. We focus on helping answer the essential question of whether or not our client should proceed with the proposed business idea or project giving outcomes of every scenario taken.

BridgeCap has the capability to analyse and offer a reliable advice on the following feasibilities:

Economic Economic benefit, loss, risks and opportunities that may result from the business or project
Financial Capability to raise the funds needed to complete the venture or project
Market The project’s impact on the market and competitive advantage
Managerial Organizational structure and management capability of the business or project

Investment appraisal and feasibility study are a crucial part of investment planning and strategy development and should be used by entrepreneurs and investors before implementing proposed plans.

For investment appraisal on existing investments, we offer added value by helping clients with the preparation of periodic investment reports that give a fair going concern value on their portfolio of investee companies and projects.

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