Sustainability Advisory

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you Care”
– Damon Richards

Governance Practices

Good governance improves productivity and protects a business from expensive, self-inflicted pitfalls. Right-sized governance practices will positively impact long-term business performance. But businesses must design and implement those that both comply with legal requirements and meet their particular needs.

With BridgeCap’s support advisory, clients are able to:

  • Build a strong, qualified governance structures
  • Establish clear lines of accountability and segregation of duties among the various levels of governance
  • Formulate and implement an effective code of ethics that promotes integrity and ethical dealing
  • Evaluate performance and make principled compensation decisions
  • Engage in effective risk management and business continuity practices eliminating key person risk

Some of the key benefits that our clients realize include:

  • High performance Boards of Directors;
  • Accountable management and strong internal controls;
  • Increased stakeholder engagement;
  • Better managed risk; and
  • Effectively monitored and measured performance.

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