CDR Application Form

Application Form


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Application Form

1. Has your company / business ever had challenges in settling your business expenses or bills despite having met sales target as projected?

2. Would you be interested in finding out how much your business is likely to make in the next 3 to 6 months?

3. Have you ever tried to borrow a loan from a bank or any other financial institution but your application was declined?

4. (a) Do you make use of any accounting system or tool to track your business performance?

(b) If yes, are you able to use the system optimally and get all reports that you want?

5. Have you ever had complaints from employees of any unremitted NHIF?

6. Has your company or business ever been penalised or received a demand notice from KRA over non-filing of tax returns?

7. Can you engage the services of a financial consultant to help you identify how you can manage your finances and position your business for growth?

8. Have you ever considered effective cash flow management or preparation of forecast for incomes and expenditures on stocks, equipment, material, manpower, etc. at any time to help you plan and control your business operations?

9. Would you be interested in knowing whether your business is growing or your worth in the business and how every financial transaction or each product line is contributing?

10. CDR Programme is a subsidized enterprise capacity development enabler that builds financial management system and investment-readiness capabilities. Kindly indicate whether you would be interested in enrolling in the Programme.